Handling Defense Base Act Claims For Overseas Military Support Civilians

At the Injured Workers' Legal Center, our Defense Base Act (DBA) workers' compensation lawyers vigorously pursue workers' compensation claims on behalf of overseas civilian contractors who were injured while serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait or another land or territory used by the U.S. for military purposes.

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Our law firm has successfully helped truck and convoy drivers, translators, linguists, base support employees, security personnel, IT professionals and construction workers assert their right to workers' compensation benefits under the Defense Base Act. Contact us to learn more about the process of recovering these much-needed benefits from an experienced Defense Base Act workers' compensation lawyer in Maine.

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What Is The Defense Base Act?

Federal law requires defense contractors to have workers' compensation insurance. The Defense Base Act guarantees workers' compensation benefits to cover medical treatment, loss of earnings, disability or the wrongful death of your loved one.

Who Is Covered By The Defense Base Act?

The Defense Base Act covers the employees of private enterprises that are engaged in national-defense or war-related "public work" on behalf of the United States or its allies. If you were injured while in the zone of danger or in support of military missions (your injury is related to your federal contractor employment) you are more than likely eligible for DBA benefits.

No matter what your defense support job — transportation specialist, base support worker, translator or linguist, construction worker, security guard, ship worker, service worker, truck or convoy driver — our Defense Base Act workers' compensation lawyers can help you secure the relief you deserve.

Maximum Benefits For Your Defense Base Act Injuries

You may have suffered the following major injuries while serving our country as an overseas civilian contractor:

  • Injuries to your back, shoulders, arms, legs, neck, knees or feet
  • Traumatic head injuries
  • Combat stress leading to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety and other psychological injuries
  • Gunshot and explosion wounds
  • Hearing loss

In almost all cases, you must use the Defense Base Act workers' compensation system for your claims. In fact, you will be unable to sue your employer or insurer directly. Our experienced DBA workers' compensation attorneys will fight to secure both the medical care and wage loss benefits to which you are entitled under federal law.

Do you have questions about Defense Base Act benefits? Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

You Will Not Have To Pay Attorney Fees. Please note: We handle these cases on a contingency basis. When we win benefits for you we will get payment from the responsible insurer such as Chartis, AIG, Zurich or another DBA insurer. This means that even when we secure DBA workers' compensation benefits for you, you will not owe us attorney fees.

Contact The Injured Workers' Legal Center In Brunswick — DBA Insurance Claim Lawyers

With all of the stress and financial hardship from your injury, you do not need the additional anxiety that comes from dealing with a DBA insurer who may not provide you with answers to your questions and the benefits the law provides. Let us help.

We represent injured workers overseas and throughout the United States who are seeking benefits under the Defense Base Act. To schedule a free telephone consultation with our law firm, call 800-852-8554. You may also contact us online.

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