Asbestos Exposure Injuries And Illnesses

Some of the most devastating workplace injuries are not from sudden accidents. Sometimes they happen slowly, over time, from exposure to harmful substances. The results can leave workers with chronic respiratory issues and even terminal illnesses.

Your life and your health are priceless, but when something like this happens, finances matter. You need to consider the financial implications of medical treatment, lost wages and loss of quality of life.

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How Do I Know If My Illness Is Associated With Asbestos Exposure?

This is the big question that we must not only answer, but also thoroughly prove when pursuing compensation for your injury claim. We will need to investigate details regarding:

  • How your illness symptoms align with those that develop due to asbestos exposure and the medical records that prove it
  • How often or how long you were exposed to asbestos in your workplace, thereby proving the need for workers' compensation or third party benefits.
  • Whether or not the property owner knew of the presence of asbestos and its potential health hazard for employees or others commonly on site, thereby proving negligence in the case of personal injury claims

What Level Of Compensation Might I Receive?

Beyond proof of the injury itself and its connection to asbestos exposure at work or on an unsafe premises, we will need to make a strong case for the level of compensation you deserve for your injury.

We may perform a financial and occupational analysis that demonstrates your income loss from being unable to work, medical bills (immediate and long-term) accumulated due to your illness, and the loss of quality of life/wrongful death caused by cancer or other serious illness. If the injury has spurred a need for Social Security Disability benefits , the Social Security Administration will need clear documentation that shows your inability to earn income because of your illness. We also will prosecute your claim before trusts established by bankruptcy law throughout the united states, seeking the maximum recoveries allowed.

Every case is different and will require a discussion with your attorney. Contact our office online or call 800-852-8554 to get the support you need.